The number 1 Iodized Salt and most widely-used salt in the country today...

About Fidel Iodized Salt

In response to RA 8172 on the Act of promoting Salt Iodization Nationwide or the ASIN LAW, and with our desire to help our government fight the iodine deficiency among our countrymen, we developed FIDEL Iodized Salt.


It was started in 1993 and the first locally-produced iodized salt endorsed by the Department of Health. FIDEL is the highest quality local salt, and as compared to “Takal salt” in most public markets it is 100% guaranteed with iodine. This is the reason why FIDEL is the No.1 salt and most widely-used salt in the country today.


For years, Salinas became the partner of DOH in promoting the iodized salt in the country. With the knowledge and dedication of our technical team we support the government in their advocacies to the municipalities, barangays and organizations to give awareness and proper education to people.


In addition to FIDEL Iodized Salt, we developed different grain sizes and characteristics of our iodized salt because we’re not just promoting iodized salt, we care and value of our customers needs and satisfaction.

Facts About Fidel Iodized Salt

Other Products

FIDEL Iodized Salt other brand of products.

FIDEL Iodized Salt Refined

Grain size is smaller compared to FIDEL Salt Coarse this is designed for better absorption of salt to food and to easily dissolve when cooking.

FIDEL Free-Flowing Iodized Salt

Quality is almost the same as Mr. Salt, because of the free-flowing and small grain size characteristic you can easily add taste to food.

Available in Major Groceries and Supermarket Nationwide

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