The number 1 Iodized Salt and most widely-used salt in the country today...

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FIDEL Iodized Salt vs. Other Salt Brand

FIDEL Iodized Salt vs. Other Repacked Iodized Salt

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To satisfy every need of households we developed different quality, texture and grain sizes of FIDEL Salt.

Fidel Iodized Salt

The First locally-produced iodized salt endorsed by the Department of Health. Highest quality local iodized salt.

FIDEL Iodized Salt Coarse

Original quality of FIDEL Salt. Best for cooking dishes, adding taste to food.

FIDEL Iodized Salt Refined

Grain size is smaller compared to FIDEL Salt Coarse this is designed for better absorption of salt to food and to easily dissolve when cooking.

FIDEL Free-Flowing Iodized Salt

Quality is almost the same as Mr. Salt, because of the free-flowing and small grain size characteristic you can easily add taste to food.

These Products are available in

1 kilo12 packs
500 grams24 packs
250 grams48 packs

Available in Major Groceries and Supermarket Nationwide

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